Network Solutions

General network maintenance and support for both business and home users

  • TP Links Type
  • 1-5 Users Number of Users/Devices
  • Up to 300 mb/s Network Speeds
  • Prices start at£75
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  • Wireless Access Points Type
  • 1 AP 10-20 Users Number of Users/Devices
  • Up to 1000 mb/s using 5GHz Band Network Speed
  • Prices start at £100
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  • Wired CAT5e Type
  • 50+ Users Number of Users/Devices
  • Up to 1 GB/s Network Speed
  • £30 per Network Point
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  • Wired CAT6/7 Type
  • 100+ Users Number of Users/Devices
  • Up to 10 GB/s Network Speed
  • £35 per Network Point
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  • Ad-Hoc Type
  • 1-5 Number of Users/Devices
  • Dependant on Infrastructure Network Speed
  • Packages bespokely tailored
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  • VPN Type
  • 1-5 NUmber of Users/Devices
  • Network Speed Depends on remote server connection
  • £25
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  • Custom Network Type
  • You Choose Number of Users/Devices
  • You Choose Number of Users/Devices
  • Packages bespokely tailored
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TP Links

(Power Line network) provide a quick and easy solution to get a network connection to areas that are restricted without having to install any cables.

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Wireless Access Points

An ordinary access point can support up to 20 users, where as a more advanced one can support hundreds. You will get better reception from a dedicated Access Point rather than using your Internet providers Wi-Fi enabled router

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Wired CAT5e

Using a wired network provides a dedicated connection to your devices, you will achieve a more fast and reliable connection via physical cabling than using Wi-Fi.

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Wired CAT6/7

CAT6/7 cables are an improvement on the traditional CAT5, providing even faster connectivity and future proofing your network.

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Why stick to one technology? Mix and match to get your home setup the way you want it – STS PC can guide you all the way!

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You don’t always have to create a network infrastructure from scratch, you can always utilise the infrastructure provided by public Internet. Connect your home to your corporate office network so you can continue working from home easily via the power of Virtual Private Networks

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Custom Network

An off the shelf solution isn’t always the best option for your home/business needs. Sometime a more specific network tailored to your requirements would be better. For such scenario’s STS PC can help recommend and build you your own network. Get in touch or pop in to discuss your needs.

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Looking for a custom solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

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