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Home User: Damaged Screen Hinges

  • 27th Jun, 2020


A client presented us with a damaged laptop. The front right hinge holding the screen had completely snapped off, the font bezel snapped in two and the mounting screws for the hinges on the back-screen cover completely sheared off. This made using the laptop very difficult and a health and safety hazard.

We performed an initial visual inspection of the laptop making sure that there are no other damaged components. We powered up the laptop to confirm everything else was working as it’s supposed to. A quotation was generated and passed onto the client for approval before carrying out any further work.

For this particular job, we simply couldn’t replace the hinges without completely stripping down the laptop to it bare components. The screen hinges had to be mounted onto the base of the laptop cover in order to hold it securely. Once the new hinges had been installed, the original screen could be mounted back on. At this point the laptop was powered on and fully tested again making sure nothing has been damaged during the strip down. The superficial damages to the back and front bezel was quickly fixed by replacing the damaged components.

The images below show the before and after pictures of the laptop.

The Result

Another job completed by STS PC to a high degree of satisfaction. If you would like STS PC to help diagnose and repair any of your computer equipment then please do get in touch.

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